The Role of Solar Farms in Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is the concept that aid will be given to people but also giving them the opportunity to learn for themselves. It’s not about giving them the answer but teaching them to how to solve the problem. Today, there is a new trend which involves solar energy power. In fact, there is even a project that will allow local residents to co-own a large scale solar farm. Using solar energy to operate a farm will not only help utilize energy but lessen the use of harmful energy. But what is the role of these solar farms towards sustainable development especially in the local areas.
The solar farms nowadays play an important role in sustainable development. With this, more people are becoming more concerned towards environmental preservation and it can help promote financial stability in that area.

Concern for the Environment- They say that a journey to a thousand miles begins with the first step. With the use of the solar energy in the farms, local residents will know the value and importance of utilizing alternative sources of energy like the solar power. This will be the first step towards achieving a sustainable development. It might not create that much of an impact but at the very least, it can definitely change the mindset of the people. The continued use of solar energy to power pool fencing will lessen the carbon dioxide emissions and other chemicals from tractors which use fuel or oil. There is also a growing trend in using an irrigation system that does not use oil, but instead a PV system. This means that solar farms could be the first thing that can trigger sustainable development.
Financial Stability- With the use of solar farms, local communities can experience financial stability especially because solar energy is much cheaper than natural gas. It is also one of the most pressing issue today that fossil fuels, which is one of the sources of energy, is experiencing a decline in its supply. Hence, with the introduction of the renewable sources of energy, solar energy included, more people could actually benefit from the lower price of solar power. With lower cost of energy, more farmers like the one from can have a much greater profit margin. This means that it can contribute to the growth of the agriculture sector. And this contributed to the financial stability of local communities and eventually the whole nation as well.
Social Welfare Impact-The use of solar farms can actually promote social welfare of the residents in the area. Aside from the decrease in the air and water pollution, the local community will also experience a healthy and quality life. With the social welfare that is being taken care of, more people will be encourage towards developing themselves and contribute to the economic growth.
Therefore, the solar farms can indeed contribute to the sustainable development. With the use of this technology, people will be more concerned with their environment, achieve the financial stability and can have an impact on the social welfare of the whole community. With solar farms and the use of solar energy, the local community will be a driving force towards sustainable development.

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